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The First Successful Mind-Upload!

Reginald, The Robo-ChimpWe are pleased to announce that we have successfully completed the first mind-upload of a chimpanzee brain (Pan troglodytes). The brain has been placed inside our custom-built robotic body and is behaving exactly like a chimp would!

Dr. Rachel Cielniak addressed the World's press this morning, stating: "This is an important day for humanity, we have successfully copied and uploaded the brain of our lab chimp, Reginald, into a robotic body. I would like to thank our brilliant team of biologists, computer scientists and neuroengineers for their hard work."

The ability to upload a chimpanzee's mind as a whole into a digital format is an important stepping stone towards uploading human brains in the future.

Tokyo-Chan Is Born!

Tokyo ChanAfter the succesful installation of New York's Urban Infrastructure AI, nicknamed "Big Guy" in 2037, we have worked tirelessly to improve it's design. Recently "Big Guy" was given an annual parade in celebration of it's positive impact on the local economy, transport system and enviroment.

We have partnered up with Tokyo's Metropolitan Government to install a new UIAI called "Tokyo-Chan" that will take control of the transport and utility systems of Tokyo by the year 2049. The Governor of Tokyo, Hideki Saito, has expressed his excitement about the project, stating "I cannot wait to see how the happy the people of Tokyo will be with our new AI friend."

Investing In Humanity's Future

Utopian Cybersystems is a company dedicated to the advancement and improvement of humanity as a whole. Our technology is already helping millions in a variety of different ways: our nano-robots are being used in medical treatments worldwide, the whole of New York City's infrastructure is controlled by our advanced Urban Infrastructure AI and our enivromentalist projects are helping to provide millions of people a better quality of life across the whole world.

We take our responsibility to our stockholders very seriously. Rather than thinking about ways in which we can create short-lived economic gains each quarter, we focus on serving our users and delivering the best quality technology we can. By providing the best user experience, we believe that we are building a company that will create more value, not just for our users, but ultimately also for our stockholders as well.

Careers At Utopian Cybersystems

RESEARCH DEPARTMENTSAt Utopian Cybersystems, we look closer at the potential of the completely digital world. We are at the forefront of research into developing intelligent AI using recursive genetic algorithms, quantum computing and technological evolution. We believe that the future of mankind is not in the physical, but the digital world.

We are currently looking for brilliant minds to join all our research departments! We have a place for anyone with a vision to change the future for the better. At Utopian Cybersystems, we do not just accept differences - we celebrate them, we support them, and we thrive on them for the benefit of our employees, our products and our community. We are proud to be an equal opportunity workplace and is an affirmative action employer.

If you believe that you are a good candidate to work with us, pushing the boundaries of human knowledge then do not hesitate to fill out our job application form!

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